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At Communitas we build and maintain close working relationships with all our partners, from commissioners to local GPs, ensuring patients have access to the highest quality services from referral through to treatment.


As a community of professionals who have all worked in the NHS we are personally and professionally invested in the NHS 5 Year Forward Vision.

Our community of specialised clinicians provide the highest level of dermatological clinical treatment but crucially we are dedicated to the pro-active management of skin conditions. We understand the need to reduce demand on secondary and primary care (GP referrers) by reducing the burden of skin disease for patients.

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A set of resources that will help you understand our service and the patient’s pathway.

GP Referrers

The ambition behind our vision, to create communities of specialised clinicians who pro-actively manage skin conditions, is to reduce the demand on you as a local GP by providing clear, local, effective and accountable patient pathways.

You are the principal link to our communities so we are committed to establishing a relationship with you that reduces your workload and enables you to focus on your own responsibilities as a General Practitioner.

We encourage you to actively feedback to us ways we can help our improve our service so please contact us with any questions or comments on intermediate.services@nhs.net

GPs with Special Interest

If you are a GPwSI or are looking for support in becoming a GPwSI contact us now. Here’s why…

We believe Communitas is the future of dermatological provision.  We are committed to the NHS 5 Year Forward View, which focuses on the provision of the correct mix of clinical and preventative treatment in the community.

Our ambition is to create the best possible community of specialised clinicians who provide clinical treatment and pro-active management programmes to cure and prevent skin conditions.

Each of our clinics is headed up by a consultant, advising our dedicated GPwSI team, and supported by specialist nurses and experienced administration staff. We’re a team with a vision and strong sense of purpose and we’re constantly on the lookout for kindred spirits who will work within our teams, stretch us and also be prepared to stretch themselves.

If you think this is you please contact Lucy McCabe, Head of Operations and HR on lucy.mccabe1@nhs.net

Secondary Care Partners

We are committed to helping to reduce the demand for secondary care through our community provision.

When we do refer a patient to you we will do our utmost to work with you to ensure you have all the information you need to report back and work with us to ensure that the intervention from secondary care helps our patient return to life as normal in their community.